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Elves Technologies Inc. is a team of visionaries pioneering in digital 3D inspection solutions for microelectronics, manufacturing, life sciences, biotechnology and beyond. We understand that novel nano and microscopic components require novel inspection systems, and strive to ensure that technology functions the way it is supposed to from its nanoscale. In response to demand of advanced technologies in manufacturing printed circuit boards, semiconductors, OLED/QLED displays, microelectronic parts and optical devices, we research and develop proprietary algorithms and technologies for a cutting-edge digital 3D microscope.

Our technology is a breakthrough in the field of metrology, enabling manufacturers to eliminate errors and defects by examining the microscopic world in real-time high resolution 3D with a wide field of view. In other words, it gives manufacturers the confidence they need to release high-finish, flawless products in competitive volumes. With a monopoly in inspection solutions, Elves Technologies is an imperative to this ever-rising market.




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With the surge of tech innovations and miniaturization of microelectronics, quality control becomes key. One core challenge of manipulating nanoscale matter is its high rate of defect. Until now, metrology, the science of measurement, has provided laborious and imprecise methods for detecting production errors at that scale, resulting in low yields, and stunting development. Current microscope inspection systems are ineffective when it comes to measuring depth and reflective defects in microcomponents, and are incapable of analyzing defects smaller than 10 μm. Unfortunately, in today's market, defect rates and defect-related incidents soar. 

Our product is a revolutionary digital 3D inspection microscope used in quality control of microscopic electronic components manufacturing. It is capable of detecting defects in the production of the world's smallest electronic components that other inspection systems would otherwise overlook. Our microscope dramatically speeds up inspection time with advanced inspection performance, thereby improving both production yield and quality.

In order to adapt to multitudes of tech uses, Elves Technologies' microscope system is equipped with the broadest range of measurement on the market by far. Producing a real-time 3D image of its subject, its height measurement range is 2x wider, its resolving power and accuracy 10x higher, and its speed 5x faster than any other competitive commercial microscopes. Elves Technologies is in a league all on its own.



The digital 3D inspection microscope has a vast array of applications in metrology involving diverse electronics and optical parts manufacturing, material science, biotechnology, life sciences, biomedical science and liquids analysis. Coupled with machine learning and analytics software, it can detect the subtlest of defects in mass-production lines, analyze biological activity, or monitor reactivity to drugs at the cellular level. We target three vertical markets: printed circuit boards (PCB), semiconductors and OLED/QLED displays. Our intelligent measurement technology is especially adaptable for 3D inspection of PCB parts, TSV inspection of semiconductors and solder bumps, and OLED/flexible display pattern inspection.

printed circuit board (PCB)

  • High demand of precise inspection in automobile, aeronautics, drone and IoT markets
  • Various tall (10 mm) and short (100 μm) parts mounted on a single PCB
  • Rise of specular parts and parts with distinct characteristics

semiconductor manufacturing

  • Advent of 3D semiconductors in 7 nm
  • Fast inspection time required

oled/qled display

  • High resolution (8K) with small pixels (50 x 50 μm)
  • Low yields and productivity
  • Complex multi-layer



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